Used Stamps for Retired Missionaries

Yesterday I was reading through the Grace Village Voice and I noticed a notice for used stamps. They were asking for used stamps to be donated to help fund care for retired Sudan Interior Mission Missionaries. Some people may think oh that’s silly what use would used stamps be to missionaries. It’s like giving them used tea bags. But several used stamps are collectors items and can be sold for a great value so I’m getting excited and motivated to collect stamps that different pictures on them besides the flag and Liberty bell stamps. I’ve been cutting out the stamps from my letters this Christmas and keeping the perforated edges intact to bring to work to donate to be used for retired missionaries. At Grace Village they have a collections box for used stamps in the Fellowship Center and at the nurses’ station in Health Care (Elder Lane Entrance). The notice states that the deadline is January 15, 2011 for stamp collection though I have seen the box there about all year. Used Stamps for Retired Missionaries. Also don’t forget the Caring Friends Endowment to help Grace Village Residents facing financial challenges this could be a good save your pocket change idea.

Grace Village Retirement Community
337 Grace Village Dr.
Winona Lake, IN 46590
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