Pocket Change for Orphans

This new year I desire to find more ways I could help missionaries and orphans. And one of those ways is Pocket Change. I want to challenge myself instead of using change to buy that Pepsi or coffee that my caffeine headache so desires to put it in a jar to be used for orphans or children with single parents here and overseas. All those pennies, dimes, and nickels add up to be quite a bit overtime. If people collected all the coins that are just lying around the house or in pockets when doing laundry and gave them to agencies helping orphans what a difference we could make in the lives of those children just from pocket change. Grace Brethren International Missions had a WeShare challenge. They encouraged people to find ways to save, sacrifice our materialism and reduce spending to give extra money to missions in the month of May last year but I want to challenge you to do WeShare everyday for orphans. This site can give you some ideas on how to give and save pocket change http://www.gbim.org/give2/weshare.
Websites about giving to orphans, single parents, and their children:
Orphans in the CAR- http://www.ph-c.com/
Orphans in India- http://amandalehman.blogspot.com/p/support.html
Orphans in the CAR- http://icdinternational.org/orphan-care/
Orphans in Zambia- http://www.everyorphan.org/
Orphans in Guatemala- http://www.servantministries.net/
Orphans in South Africa- http://www.bethesdaoutreach.org/
Heartline Pregnancy Center- http://www.heartlinepregnancycenter.org/

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