The Mice

im000734.JPGThis May I had the opportunity to go to Argentina to live in a church. I lived in a town called la Union. I stay in a small room in the back of the church by the kitchen. This room had mice and we could hear them every once it the while because sometimes they would eat the bread we left out. So we hung up the food from the ceiling to keep the mice from eating the bread. But one night while I was sleeping a mouse fell on top of me from trying to climb up to get the food. I yelled a little bit and my room mates laughed. The photo is my bed I slept in.

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I was born in Manzini, Swaziland in Africa. Yo Naci en Manzini, Swazilandia en Africa. I grew up in Elkhart, Indiana but lived in Argentina for a year and three months. Yo Creci en Elkhart, Indiana pero yo vivi en Argentina por un Año y tres meses.

2 thoughts on “The Mice

  1. Eek, there’s a mouse in the house! (A book I read quite a while ago)

    “Eek, there’s a mouse in the house! Send in the cat to chase that rat…then a dog, then a cow, then a sheep, (I have no idea why they sent in a sheep), then a elephant! Then the mouse got the elephant out! It ends out, a cry comes from the inside of the house. Eek!!! THere’s a mouse in the house!”


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